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HRP Datacomms are a voice and data network cabling company. Unlike many other companies, we specialise solely in the installation and maintenance of copper and pre-terminated fibre optic cabling and the containment systems for them.

We install and maintain Category 5e, 6 and 6A UTP Cable to TIA 568A/B standard and Voice Cable to CW1308 Standard. We also install small PBX telephone systems. We can also test clients existing cabling for compliance with the relevant international standards.

Our engineers have a minimum of 15 years of experience in this field and as such have all the knowledge experience and training required to install and maintain your network. In short, we stand by our work. We do not compromise when it comes to quality. As such we are willing to offer our own experience and advice on all the work we undertake. If we know of a beneficial alternative or solution we will tell our client rather than try and sell them something they don’t need.  However, as always, the final decision rests with the client.   

What sets us apart from the rest

Official Approved Installers of:


We do not do this as a side-line to any other trade, nor do we simply install voice and data cables and employ sub-contractors to terminate and test this cabling as many other so called network cabling companies do. We are responsible for our projects. Too often these days property developers and facilities management companies employ fly by night Datacomms companies. Poor materials and installation only comes to light when the end user is in situ and wondering why their network continually crashes. Meanwhile the Datacomms company “responsible” is nowhere to be found. We guarantee our work as do the Manufacturers of the products we use (up to 25 Years).

We do not work on a price per network point basis as do many other firms. Because each job is different this is rarely feasible, we offer a free consultation and survey prior to any pricing or quote being undertaken and all works are then listed in the final quote. In this way the client is not left with a large bill for “extra” work at the end of the project, as is often the case.

Our quotes include everything required to connect the server/switch at the Comms room end and the Pc/printer/phone etc. at the outlet, to which ever standard (Cat5e, Cat6 etc.) the client requests . There are no “hidden extras” such as patch panels, modules etc. All quotes can however be broken down or itemised if necessary.

A little about us...

Although we are a small company we have a vast wealth of experience working all over the UK on both small (single occupancy offices) and large (multiple user call centres) projects. We have worked on Gas Terminals, Nuclear Power Plants and Knightsbridge office suites. Our Engineers are City and Guilds trained and hold the relevant Blue CSCS Skills Card. We will not try to baffle a client, where there are cheaper alternatives we will highlight them, along with our professional opinion (good or bad). If the client has a solution we will listen and offer an opinion on that. We do not use one single supplier and as such we do not have an agenda to sell a particular brand. In the Datacomms cabling industry each Brand has its own strengths and weaknesses. But all our brands have a Manufacturers Guarantee.

Our current and past clients

HRP Datacomms Ltd has been in business for 9 years, and through the transition from Category 5 to 5e, 6 and 6A cabling standards. Our current and past clients include:

Why do clients come to us

The vast majority of our clients originally came/come to us on a recommendation from either a wholesaler, an IT consultant that we’ve worked with or from other clients. We stand by our work and as such we work closely with the end user to find a means to best achieve their goals. Our larger clients know and trust us and our work, giving us access to their sensitive server/comms rooms and high value stock areas. However the world of Datacomms is bewildering to most small companies and we pride ourselves on giving honest opinions and answers to all our clients questions. Where possible we explain everything prior to commencing any work and we liase between the client and service providers, IT companies etc.

We are a small company but this combines with our experience and knowledge and means we are flexible enough to cope with both small and large scale projects. All our data installations are tested to the relevant standard (5e/6 etc.) and the results are supplied to the client on both disc and hard copy. In many cases we come across cabling networks installed by enthusiastic amateurs or home network buffs. These often suffice for a businesses early days however as the network and sheer number of cables expands problems become compounded and network failure occurs more frequently. A simple Cat 5e or 6 structured cabling network can solve these issues. We can test existing networks for compliance to standards. If they fail we can then discuss all the possible solutions.

You can contact us below

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and remember no project is too small. Feel free to contact us for a job quote, general data communication advice, or even just to say hi; we won't mind. You can contact us using the form below and we'll get back to your shortly via the details you provided, otherwise you may ring us on the numbers to the the left.

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